Planning a Wedding Timeline

staff April 11, 2016 1,317 views
how to plan a weddings ceremony

Planning a wedding is the most important part before the day of the wedding. Indeed, the plan should be prepared far before the wedding. The common timeline is starting from three months before the wedding. Indeed, the plans will consist of the timeline agenda that will be done and should be done in the certain times. It is a better idea to have the well preparation before the wedding.

Indeed the planning a wedding timeline will be divided into months. What will and should be done in the third month before the wedding. Every week in this third month should be planned well such as designing the invitation card, selecting the place for the wedding and more. All should be done and finished before the second month before the wedding.

Second month before the wedding also should be planned well such as selecting the guests, decorations, and many more. Every week should be planned well and all in the second month of planning a wedding should be done before the first month before the wedding. The first month will be divided into several weeks and every week will be done with ensuring all of the preparations are ready for the day of the wedding.

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