How to Plan a Wedding on Budget

how to plan for a wedding
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How to plan a wedding? This can be your question right now. Actually to answer this question is not a hard one to do. But sure, the hard one is about what about if you plan it yourself with the small budget. Indeed, this is the hard one that can happen to anyone who will […]

How to Start Planning a Wedding

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Starting the planning for a wedding is not the easy job to do. For the professional wedding planners, they will do everything in the detail. So, How to start planning a wedding is the first thing which the wedding planners should think. It can be started by choosing the concept of the party. It is […]

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding Celebration?

how to plan a cheap wedding fast
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How to plan a cheap wedding celebration seems great to be noticed by everyone who wants to hold a wedding celebration with minimal budget. It cannot be denied that everyone wants a special wedding party, right? Unfortunately, many people assume that a special wedding should be expensive. Actually, that is not totally true. If you […]

Wedding Invitation Quotes by Your Own

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Wedding invitation quotes should be designed well with the accessories or other images around the quotes. Indeed, the invitation card is also better to be designed with the beautiful and romantic design. The design will be seen on the color selection. It is better to choose the color with sweet and romantic color such as […]