Wedding Day Quotes for Card Invitation

famous wedding quotes
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Both for bride and groom, the wedding day quotes can be the best one for festive the wedding. Indeed, there are many ways to say the deepest love to our beloved one at the wedding. Sure, there are also quotes and sayings that will be a representative of your love feeling. You can look for here. […]

Making the Planning a Small Wedding

planning a small intimate wedding
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The simplicity for everything will be put if the couples want to hold the small wedding. The invitations in the small party are limited so that they don’t have to prepare the large hall for welcoming the guest. For that case, the wedding planners will concern on how to make the Planning a small wedding. […]

Making the Planning a Destination Wedding

destination weddings
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There are several steps in the planning a destination wedding. The first thing is finding the concepts. As you know that there are several kinds of wedding decorations which are offered by the wedding planners. But the decorations which are recommended should be based on the taste of the couples. So, making the consultation with […]

Vintage Wedding Ideas with Good Lighting Fixture

vintage wedding theme
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When people are confused to find the ideas for the wedding party, they have to see several models of the Vintage wedding ideas. Especially for the gown, it will be the nice and beautiful dress. Of course there should be several accessories in the vintage style so that the gown is in the good look. […]